If you have a custom project you would like us to help you with,  please fill out the form below.  If you have custom artwork or even a photo that you are trying to get on a basswood plank, our laser can engrave almost anything into the wood projects. If you have any other type of material you wish to put a picture or graphic on, please specify the type of material (i.e. steel, aluminum, anodized metals, etc). We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

*Please note that our CO2 laser will engrave on most metals that are anodized, painted, or have a special coating. Bare stainless steel and lighter colored metals have a more difficult time engraving and have to have a special chemical additives so that the images will show up black. We also have a 5 x 10 CNC machine that is capable of plasma cutting steel up to 1 inch thick. It has other attachments that allow us to engrave some depth on metal. Contact us for more details.